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Cedar is used on all the exterior trim of our homes. Cedar is classified as a durable species which resists rotting and pests. Therefore, it has a very long lifetime.



16” floor trusses are used for floor joists. This allows for a much stiffer floor then I joists or conventional lumber. We can span greater distances therefore eliminating  steel beams in the lower level. It also allows us to run our mechanical between the webbing. This means you will get higher ceilings in your lower level without any drops. 

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We use Plytanium 3/4 plywood Sturd-I-Floor with waterproofing on our sub floors. It is actually plywood and not particle board. Saving you money and piece of mind.

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We still use copper piping on our homes and not pex. The inside diameter of copper is larger than pexs therefore more water pressure. Also a less chance of a leak. 

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We only use the best paint in the business:

Benjamin Moore

Merillat Masterpiece high end cabinets are standard on all our homes.



All countertops are granite or quartz. They will be provided by our granite shop in Southfield, MI. This will save you money and turn around time is only a couple of days.



Two 96% furnaces. One furnace in the basement for the main floor. The other is on the second floor with duct running in the attic. The reason for this is to keep the upper level cool on hot days. And warm on the cold days. It also gives you the option of setting the temperature at different settings for each floor. Keeping everyone happy. Saving energy. And most importantly saving you money. 



A collection of homes we have built



The foundation of our business is customer satisfaction. Providing the highest quality of materials and the finest craftsmanship in the business. Lou Dimoski the owner of Dimoski Homes understands custom home building. He has been building homes for 25 years. You can find him in the field visiting every job on a daily basis. He is definitely a hands on builder. Working very closely with the trades is how we maintain our extremely high quality and outstanding craftsmanship. We want to create an enjoyable home building experience for our customers. Building your dream home should be exciting and enjoyable. We have an amazing team. Our long standing relationships with our subcontractors and vendors helps us maintain our extremely high quality and outstanding craftsmanship, they are apart of our family. We can say family because Jon Gunyou our framing carpenter and Steve Brinckman our drywall guy have been with us for 25 years. Scott Allen who is our finish carpenter has been with us since 1996. Jeff Chapman our concrete guy since 2001. Gale Insulation has been insulating for us since 2001. The Diaz brothers Mario, Isreal, and Julio have been doing our masonry work since 2001. Our roofer Joel has been installing shingles for us for 14 years. Larry the plumber and Tim the HVAC guy for over 8 years. Man lumber has been supplying us with building materials for over 20 years. Smede and Sons for over 20 years. These guys are the reason we can maintain our extremely high quality of craftsmanship. It’s the same group of guys on every job. We don’t shop around for the cheapest quote. We use the same guys because we know what to expect from them. Having these guys on every home doing their job is the reason we can consistently have the exceptional quality in the homes we build.


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